3D Printing with Colorfabb Ngen Filament

Our friends at 3DMart Taiwan have been trying out the new Colorfabb Ngen filament by printing a 22RE four cylinder engine.

The colorfabb NGen is much stronger than PLA and has a glass transition temperature( the temperature at which it softens) of 85 degrees compared to PLA which is 60 degrees. It isn't as prone to shirkage like ABS 

The 22RE four-cylinder engine was printed in two components: engine timing cover and base.

This fantastic and very detail 3dmodel based entirely on a Toyota 22RE four-cylinder engine and was reversed engineering, EricthePoolboy on Thingiverse

Ultimaker2+ 3D列印 Colorfabb nGEN 引擎座與正時蓋

Print parameters:

Machine: Ultimaker 2+
Slice Software: Cura 15.04.4
Materials: Colorfabb - NGen - Dark Grey
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Thickness: 0.15mm
Print temperature: 230C
Print speed: 40mm / s
Fill Rate: 25%
Support: Yes (30% fill amount, 0.15mm Z distance)

Print Time:
Engine Block: about 43 hours
Timing cover: about 30 hours

Ultimaker2+ 3D列印 Colorfabb nGEN 引擎座

3D列印 Colorfabb nGEN 引擎座近照
Color saturation nGEN very consistent and even and seems to have a nice Matt look to it. 

3D列印 Colorfabb nGEN 引擎座 近照2

3D列印 Colorfabb nGEN 正時蓋

3D列印 Colorfabb nGEN 正時蓋 近照

3D列印 Colorfabb nGEN 正時蓋 近照 背面
The removal of the support from the surface is quite neat.