Ultimakers in an Australia Post Near you?

Australia Post featured the Ultimaker² 3D printers provided by Imaginables at their annual Customer Summit to show customers how they’re exploring 3D printing as a service offering in post offices.

Imaginables trained a group of Australia Post employees on the design process and operating the machines, and helped them create Australia Post trucks and key rings to give away to customers at the expo.



Australia Post, Managing Director and Group CEO, Ahmed Fahour, said in the Australian Financial Review, "Some things you want, like household items, could be printed right there and then rather than waiting for it. This is the new world, the technological revolution as opposed to the industrial revolution." He added the initiative is a way to take advantage of the "digital disruption," rather than fall victim to it. 

"If we only do what we have been doing recently, then as the letter [business] goes down,the usage, then so do we," he said. "As Australians migrate and become more digitally aware, we want to change with them."

Images courtesy of Australia Post