3D Print your Carbon-Fibre Bike

Earlier this year the Team at Colorfabb, challenged their interns to develop a 3d printable design that would be ready-to-use.

“At colorFabb we are trying to get the most possible out of these desktop 3D printers,” says the company.

 rose to the challege and 3D Printed a fully functioning bicycle on an Ultimaker Original + fitted with a 0.8mm nozzle using their Carbon Fibre Filament the XT-CF20


“We do this by exploring new materials solutions. The bike concept is focusing on printing functional parts that will be mechanically loaded. For printing them we selected colorFabb_XT-CF20 because of its outstanding high stiffness / elongation ratio.”


Stephan Schurmann explains "The big benefit of making your own bike is that the sizes of the bike can be customized manually before 3D printing to preserve best ergonomics. Various types of tubing can be used including carbon, titanium, aluminum or bamboo."


"3D printing allows a huge freedom of forms and allows unique features in the design. This has been used to implement a new kind of adhesive distribution system. With this technique one can assemble the bike and add an polyurethane adhesive which distributes itself to the right places without getting your hands dirty. The strength of the bike frame has been tested with a FEM analysis and, of course in real life use."

You can download the 3D files for free from Youmagine: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/3d-printed-bike

* Please note that using Carbon-Fibre filament will wear down your brass nozzles as it is an abrasive filament. Imaginables is currently sourcing a hardened nozzle designed for abrasive filament. Contact us if you require more information. 


The article above features a prototype as a proof of concept only, the story is intended to inspire people on potential applications of 3D printing. Printing of the shared design files and the use of any 3D printed parts are at your own risk, we do not gurantee the quality of the designs and the strength of the printed parts featured in this article. Neither Imaginables nor any other Party involved in creating, producing and sharing the story and design files shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages or injuries arising from the use of the designs.