PrintLab Teacher's Guide: Getting Started with 3D Printing

As official PrintLab partner in Australia we would like to announce that the PrintLab Teacher’s Guide has been released in an effort to assist educators getting started with 3D printing. The guide covers everything teachers need to know prior to their journey in 3D printing. From background and opportunities to teaching strategies, curriculum and tips, the aim is to share the knowledge gained over the years to support 3D printing in education.

3D printing is on route to disrupt the design and manufacturing scene that we see today and because of this, it is essential that we prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow. There has been a lot of hype around 3D printing in education which urges educators to get involved, but there are a lack of resources to help them do so. Furthermore, it’s easy for educators to dive in to 3D printing without understanding the challenges, which causes problems when introducing 3D printing in the classroom.

The PrintLab Teacher’s Guide features an honest, informative approach that doesn’t shy away from the fact that integrating 3D printing into education can be difficult. The guide is written as a journey and includes links on where to learn about 3D printing, what products are available as well as where you can get advice and support. Example strategies are also offered to assist educators in creating a roadmap for themselves.

In addition to highlighting the challenges, the guide also identifies the huge rewards that teachers stand to gain from introducing 3D printing in the classroom. It’s an amazing time for teachers - several years from now when they see their students innovating out in the field, they can look back with pride at the fact that they were the ones who were there at the very beginning, to introduce them to this exciting, innovative technology.

But before this happens, they need to ensure their own journey is a successful one. Imaginables and PrintLab want to help in any way we can, which is why the Teacher’s Guide is just the beginning of a series of resources to support the growth of 3D printing in education.

The PrintLab Teacher’s Guide is available to view here.

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