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Ultimaker is hosting regular webinars on wide ranging topics that provide valuable insights into cutting-edge 3D printing applications and products. You will discover how industry leaders are innovating with Ultimaker, and learn from the experts various proven ways of maximising the return on investment (ROI) from 3D printing.

To join a live webinar, please register for the Upcoming Webinar below. Previous webinars are also available for your viewing from the Past Webinars section below.

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Upcoming Webinar


3d Printing Webinar

Ensuring a successful print by choosing the right Ultimaker material

Scheduled Thursday April 16th 2020

Materials are an important consideration for any product design to be realized. Therefore, choosing the right material is important. Explore a wide range of Ultimaker materials, in which we will take a deep dive into material categories, detailing their properties and applications. Sign up now to save a seat!

In this 19-minute webinar with Ultimaker’s Application Engineer, Lin Xiaocong, you will: - Learn more about the different materials and their properties in the Ultimaker portfolio - Select the right material for your 3D printing applications - Learn some tips and tricks in printing complex engineering materials


 Past Webinars

3d Printing Webinar 3d Printing Webinar

How to choose the right composite materials

Recorded Jan 22nd, 2020


Unlocking distributed manufacturing

Recorded Feb 19th, 2020

3d Printing Webinar 3d Printing Webinar

Unlocking Possibilities in the Healthcare Industry with 3D Printing

Recorded April 2nd, 2020

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle Product Tour

Recorded  March 16th, 2020