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If you are creating homemade PCB’s you’ll need a drill set like this. These bits can create the tiny holes needed for a PCB.

Here are the drill bits included:

  • 0.30mm/0.012"
  • 0.40mm/0.016"
  • 0.50mm/0.020"
  • 0.60mm/0.024"
  • 0.70mm/0.028"
  • 0.80mm/0.031"
  • 0.90mm/0.035"
  • 1.0mm/0.039"
  • 1.1mm/0.043"
  • 1.2mm/0.047"

Be aware these are all solid carbide. They are super sharp and can break if dropped or moved while drilling. They should only be used with a drill press or CNC machine.

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