Ever had an idea that you want to turn into a real 3D object? Ultimaker 3D printer can get you there with its amazing 3D printing technology! With Ultimaker 3D printer on your desktop, ideas and designs can be transformed into reality fast and easy.

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Great quality products supplied. Incredibly good post sales support, Can highly recommend these guys for all your 3D Printing needs. No hesitation for 5 star rating.

I have purchased two Ultimakers from Imaginables, and a ton of material and spare parts. They are a pleasure to deal with! Very good communication and fast shipping.

We bought an Ultimaker 2 from Imaginables. It was not only important to buy the best printer we could afford but the best back up and service. We got both with Imaginables. The printer is brilliant! Any small issues were...

really helpful with our company in delivering quality 3D Printers and helping to learn the technology. Imaginables is also VERY prompt with requests and trouble-shooting if required. Thank you so much guys!

Imaginables have made purchasing a great product in Australia very simple, but more importantly their communication and after-sales service has been impeccable. Highly recommended for their product and for the way we've been treated as customers.

This is the most caring and knowledgeable company I have ever dealt with. They really know everything about the finer details and take an interest in your projects needs. No waiting on hold. Personal, super fast service, super fast delivery....


  • 14/07/2016

    PrintLab International wants to help schools and universities around the world to create their own 3D printing labs and is working with brands and retailers on six continents to make it happen. Imaginables is working with PrintLab to deliver this vision....

  • 3D Printing onto Fabric

    Did you know you can use your Ultimaker to print directly on fabric? You could maybe create a company T-shirt or perhaps add some unique 3 dimensional designs to your T-shirt ? You can 3D print directly onto fabric with your...

  • 24/05/2016
    Sound of Delivery

    3D printing expert Joris van Tuberge took an interesting approach to 3D Printing by using PostNL to deliver an Ultimaker while its printing to a Eric Vloeimans, awell known trumpeter in Netherlands Joris had designed a 3D printable trumpet and created a custom package for...

  • Ultimaker in Medicine

    Healthcare professionals like Dr Boyd Goldie, an orthopaedic surgeon based in a private hospital in London, are using Ultimaker 3D printers as part of their practice. Dr. Goldie treats patients ranging from emergencies to non-emergency elective problems. Dr. Goldie see...

  • Grant Imahara 3D Printed IronMan Gauntlet

    Grant Imahara, Former MythBuster, along with engineer Allen Pan in partnership with Marvel and Mouser, takes on the challenge to create working versions of Captain America: Civil War weapons. "Captain America's shield and Iron Man's gauntlet," Imahara says in the...

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