We are excited to announce that Imaginables has now been appointed the official Australian distributor of Dremel DigiLab. Dremel - one of the most well-known and trusted power tool brands has an exciting range of digital fabrication products under the Dremel DigiLab name. The current range includes 3D printers and a laser cutter, with more new products currently in the pipeline. The first product to be launched in Australia is the Dremel DigiLab 3D45 3D printer, subsequent products will be introduced in Australia throughout 2019. To celebrate the launch of 3D45, we have a very special introductory offer, please click here to find out more! 

Ultimaker S5

The Ultimaker S5 has fully integrated hardware, software and materials configuration, as well as optimal settings alignment, designed for professional users that require full geometrical freedom capabilities, industrial-grade material properties, repeatability, high uptime and an integrated workflow.

Boasting an optimized touch screen for better user experience, it features a 330x240x300 mm build volume for printing larger objects, dual extrusion, and an improved feeder system with a filament flow sensor that auto pauses and resumes when materials run out—leaving print quality untouched. The enhanced bed leveling ensures a perfect first layer and continuously compensates the print bed while printing, which allows unattended use of the Ultimaker S5.

The Ultimaker S5 unlocks new applications and can print with a wider range of materials, from PLA to advanced engineering plastics like Nylon and PC. The Ultimaker S5 also includes a closed front system.

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Great quality products supplied. Incredibly good post sales support, Can highly recommend these guys for all your 3D Printing needs. No hesitation for 5 star rating.

I have purchased two Ultimakers from Imaginables, and a ton of material and spare parts. They are a pleasure to deal with! Very good communication and fast shipping.

We bought an Ultimaker 2 from Imaginables. It was not only important to buy the best printer we could afford but the best back up and service. We got both with Imaginables. The printer is brilliant! Any small issues were...

really helpful with our company in delivering quality 3D Printers and helping to learn the technology. Imaginables is also VERY prompt with requests and trouble-shooting if required. Thank you so much guys!

Imaginables have made purchasing a great product in Australia very simple, but more importantly their communication and after-sales service has been impeccable. Highly recommended for their product and for the way we've been treated as customers.

This is the most caring and knowledgeable company I have ever dealt with. They really know everything about the finer details and take an interest in your projects needs. No waiting on hold. Personal, super fast service, super fast delivery....


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