3D Printing Case Study Highlight - Eriks Safety Latch

Safety is of utmost importance at ERIKS, and maintaining a clean environment is crucial for ensuring both safety and efficiency in their work processes. At ERIKS, they prioritise safety by integrating safety measures into their goals and deadlines.

One innovative technology that aligns perfectly with their safety goals is 3D printing. UltiMaker 3D printing technology allows ERIKS to create tools that enhance onsite safety. One of the example applications at ERIKS is a 3D printed safety stop to help operators changing a film roll. This tool prevents the roll from accidentally falling out, increasing the safety of the operator.

By utilising 3D printing, ERIKS are able to streamline processes and increase safety for their employees. 


Eriks Lab

ERIKS have been utilising 3D printing for many applications, printing prototypes, jigs and fixtures, as well as end-use parts that were previously impossible to make. To learn more about the the various applications, including 3D printing in cleanroom facility, please watch the video below or read the success story on UltiMaker website here



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