3D Printing Case Study Highlight - Heineken Pack Spinners

Flexible Pack Spinner

Heineken, a world renowned beverage company, has embraced UltiMaker cutting-edge 3D printing technology to optimise their production process. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of the UltiMaker S5 printer and utilising the flexible TPU material, Heineken has successfully developed conveyor belt "bumpers" / pack spinners that efficiently guide glass bottles into position on pallets for seamless transportation.

These pack spinners are the result of an iterative 3D printing process, where achieving the perfect dampening effect was crucial. Through meticulous calibration, Heineken ensured that the bumpers were neither too soft, which could hinder bottle placement, nor too hard, which could increase the risk of breakage.

This innovative application of 3D printing exemplifies Heineken's unwavering commitment to precision and operational efficiency.

Heineken 3d printed pack spinner
Custom Infill 3d printed


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