3D Printing Case Study Highlight - Kawasaki Motorcycles Wheel Protection

Kawasaki Wheel protection 3d print

Kawasaki has found an innovative solution to protect their wheel hubs during transportation by utilising the UltiMaker S5 Pro Bundles and Ultimaker ABS material. They have created a customised cover using UltiMaker 3D printing technology that safeguards the wheel hubs when the production line workers need to move the wheel around the assembly lines.

This protective cover prevents any potential damage to the wheels while they are stored away, ultimately extending their service life. These hubs protectors used to be fabricated using their CNC milling machines, by implementing this 3D printing solution, Kawasaki is able to offload work from its CNC machines and optimise their efficiency by avoiding time consuming and costly setup of the CNC machines for a small amount of parts.

With the use of Ultimaker technology, they can ensure the wheels are conveyed around the assembly lines in pristine condition, saving both time and resources.

 Kawasaki Wheel Protector

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