Grooming Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

Kids as young as 9 to 12 were enrolled in a unique kids Business skills program in Melbourne recently. The program called "Lemonade Stand" if giving primary school entrepreneurs a head start by learning basic business skills, web design, 3D Printing Prototypes and mobile app development at a course run by innovation consultants Collective Campus.

We spoke to Co-Founder Steve Glaveski said his two-day program helped children understand how to take small risks and learn by their failures.

"If you think about kids' businesses, it's always about a couple of five or six year olds on the footpath selling homemade lemonade," he said.

 "But ours is kind of like a 21st Century lemonade stand."

"In 2001, it cost $5 million to start an online business. Today you can start something for a few hundred dollars due to cloud computing, the internet getting faster."

"Kids today growing up with technology have never been more capable of doing something with those opportunities."

Today kids face a very different industrial revolution and must learn to be more adaptable and resilient in the face of technological and commercial changes.

The two day workshop helps to create more successful teenage entrepreneurs like these by empowering children to reach their full potential and take advantage of the unique opportunities that today’s business and digital landscape presents.

On day one, kids learn business fundamentals such as identifying customer needs, how to develop and market products; and how to deal with competition.

On Day two, which is called Lean Startup for Kids, kids are encouraged to find their own ideas, build a business model and work out how to make a profit.


They then test customer interest by building a prototype, whether it's a website, mobile app or cardboard mock-up, and get customer feedback.

The kids then pitch the idea to potential investors ( their parents), using slides to explain the business, its customer base and how much investment is needed.


 More about this programme on major news on The Age and ABC News.

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Images courtesy of Collective Campus.

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