3D Printing Classes on the GO with Ultimaker 2 GO

When the 3DPrinterOS team started hosting 3D printing classes throughout New York, they found the Ultimaker 2 Go and its Backpack travel was the best solution for maximum mobility. 


3DPrinterOS, a cloud based 3D printer operating system, saw the opportunity to expand the impact of 3D printing by introducing it to the general public. 3D Printing 101 was launched to introduce children and adults into 3D printing. Aaron Roy of 3DPrinterOS explains,

“Everyone is interested in this type of technology… classes bring people from all walks of life and that adds to the experience. Seeing a 3D printer in action for the first time is unforgettable. It’s one thing to have someone explain the basic concept or to watch a video. But the true understanding and inspiration comes when you actually see a 3D printer in action. It’s that moment when you touch actual prints that you recognize the limitless potential for 3D printing.”


The 3d Printing 101 Classes covers a brief history of 3D printing and how it works. Students learn how an idea is converted into a physical object. The course guides particpants through the process of creating their first print.

Everyone gets hands-on experience using a 3D printer and learns how to go from having a great idea to producing a physical object. To provide this experience, 3DPrinterOS needed a stable, quality 3D printer that’s portable as well.


The biggest challenge with the classes was not teaching but finding a good reliable 3D printer to do the job. Most of the machines 3DPrinterOS used were often out of order. They spent more time fixing and maintaining 3D printers than focusing on the teaching and classes.

They discovered the Ultimaker 2 Go was not only robust and reliable but it was made to be portable.




The Ultimaker 2 Go is designed mobile. Although It has an incredibly lightweight frame, it doesn't compromise on accuracy and reliability of its bigger brothers.

“gives a peace of mind that makes me feel like I can move from place to place. The Ultimaker 2 Go looks like it is meant to be mobile, which is completely different than most 3D printers I’ve seen”.

Having a backpack travel case makes it is super easy to carry. Go ahead, organize classes, presentations, and workshops and plan your trips without worrying about your 3D printer. The Ultimaker 2 Go is ready to go when you are.

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