Embracing 3D Printers in High School

Cowley International College in St. Helens, England where Advanced Skills Teacher Rob Jones uses 3D printing to teach his high school students. Because Ultimaker is open-source, students are able to play around and try all sorts of different things with the printers. This allows them to experience for themselves what works, and what doesn’t. It gives them the freedom to think creatively and without restraint.

"What it teaches the students is not to be afraid of making mistakes. By physically printing them it allows them to test and then improve upon their design. – Rob Jones, teacher"


What’s even more impressive is that Ultimakers are being used across the curriculum, with the school investing a lot of resources into their use. Now opportunities exist for their use within computer science, design technology, art, science, engineering and mathematics. A very forward thinking school in our eyes.

 "Our younger students are interested in it from the age of 11 right through to 18. It interests students with mathematical skills, scientific skills, but also creative skills, of all ages and of all genders. – Rob Jones, teacher"

With all this learning going on, you might think that kids would get bored of the 3D printers. Far from it. With the addition of tangible 3D printed objects to the academic mix they’re actively engaging in the lessons and having fun along the way!

Written by Iris Smeekes, Ultimaker

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