Designer 3D printed Popsicles



Dream Pops was founded by David Marx, David Greenfeld, and David Cohen. And having help from a three-star Michelin chef like Juan Amador, good friend to Marx, certainly helps.

As the idea originally came to mind for Marx in an effort to bring joy to the world—and himself—Amador liked the idea too and helped him come up with some unique recipes that they consider to be avante-garde yet inviting.

 “Why settle for vanilla or chocolate?” asks Marx. “At the crossroads of avant-garde ingredients, new flavors, and cutting-edge design, our product becomes the ice cream of the future.”

The Dream Pops team has been refining their idea now for four years, and in Berlin 2014, Marx gave a TedX talk on their budding product. There, he presented a new popsicle to the audience—one that can be healthy and delicious, rather than filled with corn syrup and offering the more traditional and abysmal experience.


The  team seems to understands what today’s upscale market is interested in eating, even when indulging in a treat. The puree for their popsicles is a healthy eater’s delight, stamped organic, gluten-free, and even vegan. Created with items such as coconut palm sugar, tapioca, agave, and baobab, the desserts are made with a much different, and quite unexpected process too.

Using 3D printed silicone shapes, made on an Ultimaker 3D printer, the team then has them formed into metal molds. The puree (which is organic, gluten-free, mostly vegan and made with ingredients like coconut palm sugar, tapioca, agave, and baobab) is poured into these metal molds and then cooled at an accelerated rate with liquid nitrogen.

Close up of the metal casted 3D printed mold from the Ultimaker


Finally, the Popsicle puree (which is organic, gluten-free, mostly vegan and made with ingredients like coconut palm sugar, tapioca, agave, and baobab) is added, cooled with liquid nitrogen, and ready to serve.

“This is not easy,” notes Cohen. “Nobody has done this before. You cannot cut corners. Every flavor, every ingredient matters.”

Apparently the team is now also working with Versace, for whom they’ve made classy logoed 3D printed molds to emboss the tantalizing popsicles to be served at the very fancy Palazzo Versace Dubai hotel.
Preparation of the Healthy Popsicle Puree being loaded onto syringes.
The puree would then be injected into the special 3d Printed Molds.
Liquid Nitrogen is then poured around the Metal Molds which accelerates the cooling process.
Finally the designer treat is ready to be served.

Mango Rosemary - Mango Rosemary, Passion fruit, coconut milk, light brown sugar, tapioca, vanilla bean, sea salt

Pan Asian - Lemongrass, pandan leaves, ginger, lime leaves, thai basil, thaibird chilli peppers, coconut milk, light brown sugar, coconut palm sugar, tapioca, vanilla bean, seasalt, baobab
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picture by Instagram User @sooheec
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