Dinara Kasko - 3D Printing Patisserie

Dinara Kasko is a pastry chef that has taken over the desert world by storm. Her unique geometric cakes has captures the imagination of many. Kasko who is born in Ukraine, worked as an architect-designer. She used her skills to create sensational cakes using 3D Printing.
Images Courtesy of Dinara Kasko
Kasko's desserts takes on very architectural characteristics and she does this by creating food safe silicon moulds modelled on Architectural software like 3D Max and Rhiono 3D. 

"From the moment I got into patisserie, I decided to try and ass something new to it" said Kasko." I realised that the appearance is as important as taste"

"I use ideas and inspiration from modern architecture, art, nature and any other objects that surround us," explained Kasko 

For her Cloud Cake, Kasko used her Ultimaker 3 to print the geometric shape before creating a food safe safe mould out of it. The following video shows her process from modelling the cake in 3DsMax and Rhino 3D to printing it on her Ultimaker.
In her creation "Cherry Cake" Kasko decided to experiment with various obkects placed into a constrained space. She worked with Andrej Pavlov a parametric design artist and developed a simple, yet elegant idea to pour cherries into an invisible box. Using a red glaze, Kasko made the cake to look exactly like real cherries. 
Image Courtesy of Dinara Kasko

"The main principle in the development of the project was the interaction of “subjective” and “objective.” In this paradigm, “subjective” is a person who manages all the algorithm (tools), performs edits to obtain the final result. “Objective” is also computational tools (programs) that allow the development of complex models. In this concept, the errors that a person naturally makes are not a negative factor. The key parameter for this project is the interaction of computing tools and the person at all stages of design.” explains Pavlov

Image Courtesy of Dinara Kasko
The mold for this cake was created in a new 3D Modelling software which simulates interaction of objects in space. The software takes into account variables like shape, material properties and gravity. A huge amount of iterations were made before they came to the final design. 
The cake features a chocolate sponge cake, crispy layer, berry confit with Luxardo Maraschino, cherry cremeux with Valrhona Manjari, chocolate mousse.Image Courtesy of Dinara Kasko
Kasko also does patisserie classes at Hector J. Bravo Cullinary Arts Academy, imparting her skills and knowledge to students who want to learn how she makes her amazing creations.
You can also purchase her unique cake molds and recipes from her website.


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