Quad Lock Smartphone Mount - Prototyping & Product Development

 Quad Lock mount developed using UltiMaker 3D Printers

Quad Lock - a leading smartphone mounting solution provider from Melbourne utilised a range of UltiMaker 3D printing solutions for the prototyping and testing phase of their Vibration Dampener.

The inspiration of a Vibration Dampener arose in response to the increased sensitivity of the newer smartphone cameras to withstand high levels of vibrations experienced when mounting smartphones to motorcycles.

In order for Quad Lock to develop a solution to this challenge, Quad Lock needed to be able to produce durable prototypes that they could test, learn and iterate from quickly. The prototypes had to be strong enough to be used on vibration test rigs and in real-world applications while being very accurate. Using UltiMaker 3D printing sulutions, Quad Lock was able to produce multiple design iterations in a single day helping them to deliver the best performing product in a reduced time frame.

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