Using Infill Mesh with CURA

Have you tried the new infill mesh function in Ultimaker CURA?
You can now determine very easily sections of your 3d model to have different #mesh density, pattern, wall thickness etc to make more functional 3d Print

Picture attached is and experiment on a finger making the joints more flexible with less infill. The last image is showing a dense infill mesh on the handle of a mallet.

Other application would be to make a section of a part more durable while minimising print material for the non essential parts.

This was done on an Ultimaker 2 but if you do it on an Ultimaker 3 you can also print with a different material for the infill.

This is perhaps one of the most powerful function developed by Ultimaker enabling more functional prints.

Kae Woei Lim from Imaginables shares his video tutorial on how to do this.

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