3D Printed Violin on an Ultimaker 2

Matt and Kaitlynimage copyright of hovalin.com


Earlier this year we came across an amazing project created by a talented Husband and Wife duo, Kaitlyn and Matt Hov. The two of them started the Hovalin Project, an Open-Source 3D Printed Violin. You can learn more about the project by visiting their website at Hovalin.com

The hovalin is a functional acoustic violin that can be produced using most standard consumer 3d printers. The total cost of raw materials for the violin (4/4) is currently about $70. The hovalin was designed with Autodesk Fusion 360. Its shape and dimensions are inspired by the Stradivarius violin model.

We at Imaginables were so impressed and inspired that we decided to print our own violin, even though none of us knew how to play one, and knew nothing about music.

We decided to print using Colorfabb Woodfill which turned out better than we expected. After printing and fixing the pieces together we applied some wood varnish and finished with a clear gloss coat.

This has inspired us to take us some violin lessons to learn how to play our 3d printed Violin.

Thank You Matt and Kaitlyn for sharing your creations!

Check out this Dutch Video feature of Matt and Kaitlyn's 3D Printed Violin printed on an Ultimaker 2 and find out how it sounds like! Scroll over to about 3 minutes to listen to the Violin.

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