Preventative Blindness with a 3D printed Eye Examination Kit

A New Zealand doctor, Dr Hong, has developed a low cost eye examination kit using the Ultimaker 3D Printer.

Dr Hong believes sight is one of the most important sensory perceptions, as it is one of those senses that once you lose it, its going to affect your independence, you work , your confidence and self esteem.



Dr Hong founded oDocs Eye Care, a group that has developed an open source medical equipment that have been printed on an Ultimaker for Eye diagnoses.

Using the Ultimaker 2+, Dr Hong created a smart phone retinal imaging adapter and anterior segment adapter. These cheap adapters are capable of achieving the same diagnoses as the standard expensive and large eye examination device.  (i.e slit lamp microscopes and fundus camera). 

His incredible open-source 3D Printed examination device is capable of achieving a 40 deg field of view with 10x Magnification. This is perfect for examining the human eye.

“With the Ultimaker 2+, it’s even easier for oDocs to achieve what we need. First of all the new feeding mechanism makes it really easy to use, and secondly we’re very impressed with the print head. It allows us to change the size of the nozzle and print highly detailed small objects, or fast prototypes.” explains Dr. Hong

Dr. Hong's open-source device has great potential in assisting doctors in third world countries.

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