3D Printable Headphones by Print+

Last year we backed a fantastic Kickstarter campaign by startup print+. Their Kickstarter campaign which got funded within 48 hours of launch, was for 3D Printable DIY headphones which people can print and customize to their liking. Although the delivery date to fullfill their backers have been delayed, print+ has been very open and continuously providing backers with updates on their progress. The current delay they explained, is because they are ensuring the quality of the electronic components of the kits and not compromising on quality.

Patrick Schuur, founder of 3D printing startup print+ talked to Ultimaker about how their developed the project.




Print+ aim is to create fully modular products that – for the largest part – can be 3D printed locally. Unprintable parts are provided by print+ in kit form. Having a modular design means that each part can be easily replaced or reprinted when they wear out or break.

The concept is easy: print+ sends people a kit with all the essential electronics and non-printable parts, all people have to do is print the parts and assemble the product. People either 3D print parts themselves, or outsource them to a local 3d printer via 3D Hubs. The headphone kit can easily be assembled without soldering, glue or screw. Print+ makes all their 3D files freely available so they can be customised and improved by anyone.

“All people have to do is print the parts and assemble the product. The headphone can be assembled without the need to solder, glue or screw.”

 All the prototyping and development of the print+ headphone was done on an Ultimaker 2. Over a period of less than a year more than 10kg of prototypes were printed on the print+ Ultimaker. Right before the Kickstarter launch there were two additional Ultimaker 2’s printing headphones non-stop. A project like print+ would have never been possible without the ease of use and reliability of the Ultimaker 2.

"The ultimate goal for the future is to develop high quality products that can be 100% locally made - eliminating the need for print+ altogether."

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