Grant Imahara 3D Printed IronMan Gauntlet

Grant Imahara, Former MythBuster, along with engineer Allen Pan in partnership with Marvel and Mouser, takes on the challenge to create working versions of Captain America: Civil War weapons.

"Captain America's shield and Iron Man's gauntlet," Imahara says in the video. "Two engineers on a mission to take superhero tech out of the film world and into reality." 

What result was a series of great short videos showing how Imahara created an Iron Man gauntlet using his Ultimaker with a working Laser.

Imahara used a Ultimaker 3D Printer to develop pieces for the Iron Man Gauntlet, which he attached a laser to. Imahara commented that it was the highest-powered laser that he "could ;egally buy" and follows that statement with a strongly worded "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME" message.

Pan's experience in drones, took on the challenge to create a "ricochet action" of Captain America's shield. To get his drone powered Shield to work, Pan needed to engineer his shield to be as light as possible, but stronger enough to do some damage. Pan created a unique gesture control system to remotely control his flying shield. 

In episode three, the two engineers superhero tech were pitted against each other. We think Imahara won the showdown hands down with an amazing "explosive" finish.